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In the classroom

Happy spots has shown effective results in the classroom. Below are student feedback results from a third grade class that utilizes the program in Naperville, IL.

On a scale of 0-10, How much did you enjoy completeing happy spots today?

Did happy spots have a positive impact on your mood?

Did you think the practice was fun?

Feedback from the students

"Saying my feeling and letting the bad feelings out and let the good feeling in."

"My fevorite part was the memory spot because we could tell what we see, what we smell, what we hear."

"I like the start spot the best beacause it helps me know the feeling i'm having first."

Feedback from the Teachers

"Happy Spots isn’t just a good place for our students to experience in the classroom setting alone, it was applicable to them at home as well. I had students report that it helped them navigate stressful moments at home. It even works for adults! As the classroom teacher leading the exercises it was a wonderful opportunity to help me feel grounded and available to do my best teaching too. It was such a great opportunity to hit the reset during the day and feel united."

Krisitin F. , Classroom Teacher

It has given her a sense of control.

"My 10y.o. daughter requests to do Happy spots when she is feeling anxious/emotional, particularly at the end of the end of the day. She is often on the verge of tears when we begin and by the end she is calm and feels more at peace. it has given her a sense of control by giving her a space to communicate any feelings she is strugling with and then shpwing her how to find her way to a different mindset."

-Kristin F.(Parent)