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15-20 min 1-2 times per day
(List program benefits) Happy Spots makes mindfulness accessible for young people, effectively elevates mood, reduces anxiety, boosts confidence, empowers children to be in control of their emotional state
We are here to help! Happy Spots certified trainers can support you for initial implementation and follow-up coaching available as virtual or in-person sessions.
Yes, please set up a consultation so we can design a package that suits your needs.
The program is in print with hard copy components. We are currently in the process of assembling digital components to help even further.
Yes! Depending on the individual, more guidance may be helpful and modifications can be made.
Happy Spots provides support for classroom implementation and one on one counseling sessions. The program is perfect for a morning warm-up to create a positive, growth-mindset inspired classroom environment, and can be used more intensively as needed.
While this is a great opportunity to bond with the child/teen using the program, once they are trained in how to do the practice, they can do it completely independently.
Take-Home kits are available and recommended so the practice can be continued at home to maximize effectiveness.