• Meet The Spots

An Introduction

The Happy Spots exercise would be nothing without our five colorful spots! Walk through each spot to see how we teach essential skills throughout the exercise, ending with a tangible way to practice visualization and meditation. Once your kids master the spots, they'll have learned a helpful skill that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The Start Spot

Every journey has a beginning, and the Happy Spots exercise is no different. At our Start spot, we teach children to slow down and think about how their current emotional state is affecting them, whether it’s butterflies in their stomach from anxiety or heavy breathing due to anger. This is the spot we recognize our emotions and validate them without letting them take over the whole day.

The Reset Spot

During this spot, we teach children how to verbalize their emotions and to healthily move on from them by giving our minds permission to reset. We pair this with breathing, motions, and commanding phrases, which help pave the way for children to make room for a new emotion. If they are not in need of a “reset,” they can choose to appreciate and hold onto their current positive state.

The "I AM" Spot

Before the exercise begins, we have guided instructions on determining a few affirmations. These will be used at the “I AM” spot to help remind participants of their strengths while building confidence. We then teach participants to slow down and think about the impact and truth of each statement.

The Memory Spot

With guided help from our manual, the participant should have determined a positive memory that brings them joy and comfort. While standing at the memory spot, we teach children to use their five senses to practice visualizing the memory. Not only is this helping teach them the framework for visualization with a real-life moment, but it is preparing their mind to be acutely aware of their senses while challenging them to step into their vivid imagination.

The Happy Spot

Using our visualization chips, the participants should have determined an imaginary situation that would bring them joy, whether sitting in a tree with a monkey or flying through the air like a bird. The more detailed their description is, the better. We mirror the memory spot by encouraging children to walk through their five senses while visualizing their chosen scenario. This allows children to transport themselves to a joy-filled experience, helping remove them from the feeling they had at the start spot or strengthening them if they started while happy. This step will return them to a state of peace or happiness. This spot can also be used to visualize realistic goals, increasing confidence and motivation.

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