The Happy Spots Approach

Did you know you can train your brain to do what you want it to? With Happy Spots, we help teach children how to train their brains to embrace positive emotions through affirmations, mindfulness, and visualization techniques. We offer to learn social emotional SEL activities for elementary students at home. This activity is the real-life personalized application of social-emotional learning while empowering your child to be in control of their own emotional well-being.


What Are the Benefits?

While most programs take a long time to see benefits, with Happy Spots, most kids will see immediate, measurable changes in their state of being after completing the activity. Other benefits include:

  • Boosts confidence in all kids, even those not struggling with mental health.
  • Gives children lifelong tools for taking charge of their state of being.
  • Utilizes different learning modalities to completely engage the brain and body.
  • Beyond acting as a solution for trauma and anxiety, it also helps build necessary social skills. 
  • Does not rely on external support: After students are taught the program, they can practice it by themselves, wherever they are, essentially putting them in the driver’s seat.
  • Helps create a sense of calm and can interrupt cycles of trauma.

But wait… isn’t mindfulness and meditation better for adults?

We’re glad you asked! You’re probably thinking these practices involve deep focus and long periods of sitting still, two things most kids struggle with, especially kids experiencing negative emotions. That’s the great thing about Happy Spots! It embraces and encourages kids to move, talk, and use their imagination. The Memory Spot and Happy Spot especially encourage children to be creative and have fun while teaching them the basics of visualization. This makes this program perfect for anyone, especially, children and teenagers, trying to build confidence, achieve goals, and improve their mental health.



The Happy Spots Program includes:

  • Five floor spots to help practice the different stages of the exercise
  • A selection of visualization chips to help participants choose a scenario to visualize
  • A manual designed to help parents guide children through the exercise
  • Phrases and motions to help children better learn the exercise
  • A digital portal including additional videos and resources

Optional: A Big Life Journal to help children further explore their emotions

Get Happy Spots For Home

The Happy Spots Home Kit includes everything you need to implement the Happy Spots program in your home. Order the best meditation and visualization kit for kids today!

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