Most teachers strive to make their classrooms a safe space of positivity, education, and growth. Yet, this can often be derailed from time spent managing emotional outbursts and unresolved conflicts amongst students who haven’t been given the tools to manage the hefty emotions they carry from external factors such as home life, pressure on social media, and current events. With more and more kids struggling with their mental health, and fewer resources, it can be hard to know what to do. The Happy Spots Program can help in fun SEL, social emotional daily learning development activities, or classroom practices like games for elementary kids or students.


The Happy Spots Approach

Happy Spots is an easy-to-use program that teaches the skill of visualization. It uniquely empowers young people to personally take control of their emotions by using tools they’re naturally equipped with, such as imagination and physical energy all while emphasizing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) standards. Whether you already have an SEL program in place and need a supplemental activity or are looking for a new SEL curriculum, Happy Spots is here to help take your SEL lessons one step further with a real-life application of the skills learned, such as how to regulate emotions, improve behavior, build confidence, and achieve academic success. Often, our results have an immediate effect on students’ well-being. The program allows teachers and students to work together to create the ultimate classroom environment where students feel empowered, confident, and ready to learn. And our website offers a mindfulness meditation curriculum for elementary class students.

What Are The Benefits?

While most programs take a long time to see benefits, with Happy Spots, most students will see immediate, measurable changes in their state of being after completing the activity. Other benefits include:

  • Boosts confidence in all kids, even those not struggling with mental health.
  • Gives children lifelong tools for taking charge of their state of being.
  • Utilizes different learning modalities.
  • Beyond acting as a solution for trauma and anxiety, it also helps build necessary social skills. 
  • Does not rely on external support: After students are taught the program, they can practice it by themselves, wherever they are, essentially putting them in the driver’s seat.
  • Helps create a sense of calm and can interrupt cycles of trauma/

What is Missing from Most SEL Programs?

We hate to say it, but most SEL programs lack opportunities for real-life application in students’ daily lives. Happy Spots wants to change the game by offering an easily applied program where students can learn emotional awareness and regulation, build confidence, and dream big in a way that’s personalized and meaningful for them. This activity can be combined with your current SEL program to help make it more applicable and effective for students.

Is This Just Another “To-Do” List Item?

Happy Spots recognizes that between lesson planning, grading, and managing a class of multiple students, teachers are incredibly busy people. This is why we have designed the program to fit into any classroom schedule. The exercise takes 15-20 minutes, making it perfect for a morning warm-up, mid-day recharge, or end-of-day wind-down. After the first few introductory lessons, students are able to jump right into the practice, helping it become a tool that students can utilize anytime whether with the class or on their own. 



The Happy Spots School Program includes:

  • Five floor spots to help practice the different stages of the exercise
  • A selection of visualization chips to help participants choose a scenario to visualize
  • A manual designed to help both school counselors and teachers guide children through the exercise
  • Phrases and motions to help children better learn the exercise
  • A digital portal including a curriculum guide, additional videos, and resources

Get the Happy Spots Educator Kit

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