Therapists are well aware of the ever-increasing numbers of children experiencing mental health struggles. CDC reports that 7.1% of children are diagnosed with anxiety, not reflecting the countless children who never receive a prognosis. It’s no wonder that we’ve seen anxiety disorders continue to spike among young people, especially with all the pressure they face.  Pew research shows that 61% of students feel pressure to get good grades. Beyond academic stress, children are expected to juggle the other stressors of home life, current events, and comparisons stemming from social media. It can easily overwhelm a young person, especially when they are unequipped with the tools to help. As our website offers online programs like bed-time meditation for managing kids anger through anxiety reduction and prevents from exposure-response.


The Happy Spots Approach

Teaching young children how to manage their emotional wellbeing is key to fighting the current mental health crises while also setting them up for long-term emotional well-being. Happy Spots is an easy-to-use program that combines mindfulness, visualization, and positive affirmation techniques. Along with this, our website helps to reduce kids anxiety through child anxiety tales, self-esteem boosters, kids trigger points, and cognitive behavior programs. It uniquely empowers young people to personally take control of their emotions by using tools they’re naturally equipped with, such as imagination and physical energy, all while emphasizing Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

What Are The Benefits?

While most programs take a long time to see benefits, with Happy Spots, most students will see immediate, measurable changes in their state of being after completing the activity. Other benefits include:

  • Boosts confidence in all kids, even those not struggling with mental health.
  • Gives children lifelong tools for taking charge of their state of being.
  • Utilizes different learning modalities.
  • Beyond acting as a solution for trauma and anxiety, it also helps build necessary social skills.
  • Does not rely on external support: After students are taught the program, they can practice it by themselves, wherever they are, essentially putting them in the driver’s seat.
  • Helps create a sense of calm and can interrupt cycles of trauma.

The Everyday Magic of “I AM” 

One of the core elements of Happy Spots is embracing the power of positive affirmations. Research shows that not only do affirmations help create a positive outlook among users, but also help combat stress and anxiety. Participants work with their therapists to develop their own unique supply of positive affirmations that they can use at any time. 

How can this be integrated into what I am already doing? 

The Happy Spots exercise takes approximately 15-20 minutes, making it a perfect way to end a therapy session. Leading up to the practice, therapists can use the time to help students identify their current emotions, develop a memory, and determine their affirmation. Happy Spots is the fun mindfulness practice that makes everything you are doing come together in a way that has an immediate and measurable impact on confidence and well-being. The activity can be done to wrap up your session on a positive, empowering note, to de-escalate, to support ERP and desensitization therapy, or simply to provide children with the opportunity to elevate their state of being and realize the power of their own minds.



The Happy Spots School Program includes:

  • Five floor spots to help practice the different stages of the exercise
  • A selection of visualization chips to help participants choose a scenario to visualize
  • A manual designed to help therapists guide children and teens through the exercise
  • Phrases and motions to help children better learn the exercise
  • A digital portal including additional videos and resources

Get The Happy Spots Professional Kit

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