• The Pilot Program

The Pilot Program

Whether you’re a teacher looking for a supplemental activity to enhance your SEL curriculum or a therapist looking for a new tool to help their participants learn to regulate their emotions and build confidence, we know that funding can be tight. This makes it hard to choose the right product like boosting self-confidence or positive affirmations in teenagers or elementary students for your needs. We believe Happy Spots can be the activity you’re missing, which is why we want you to try it for free!


The Not So Fine Print

We believe in being upfront, which means we want you to know the limitations and expectations of our piloting option.

  • This is only an option for the professional kits, meaning the school or therapy version.
  • The pilot program lasts for one month. After a month, if you decide you do not enjoy the Happy Spots exercise you must return the program, or you will be charged.
  • In exchange for the free use of our program, we require those who partake in our pilot program to participate in weekly coaching calls, share their feedback throughout the program, and complete a post-pilot survey.
  • Despite the pilot being free, we will help you tailor it to your specific needs, and will provide suggestions of change during the weekly calls.
  • We will provide an implementation training session.

Why Should You Try Happy Spots?

Whether you are a school, private practice, or medical group, you most likely have an SEL program, tools to calm patients with anxiety, and programs to help build kids’ confidence. The problem is, so many of those existing tools are falling short.


They don’t provide a real-life application that puts kids in charge of their own emotions. Happy Spots through visualization, mindfulness, and affirmations help kids learn how to self-regulate and give them coping skills to use anytime anywhere. After just a few sessions of using Happy Spots, Kids will understand the exercise and be able to guide themselves through the steps.