5 Tips for Creating a Vision Board that Works…for kids and adults!

Vision Boards should be fun and motivating. If they are done correctly they absolutely do work to propel you towards your goals and keep you in a state of joy and gratitude.

  1. Keep it fresh. Pick images that make you feel positive emotions. Once they lose their power, switch them up.
  2. Post your vision board in multiple places so you will be reminded throughout the day. You can make a collage using photos from pinterest, travel sites, or internet search and print it out and save to your devices.

Some ideas:

  • The main entrance you use to enter/leave your home
  • Make a digital version for your cell phone
  • Use it as your computer wallpaper
  • Your bathroom
  • Your nightstand
  • Your car

3. Journal about how it feels when your vision becomes reality, as if it is really happening in the present. Do this regularly, and read it morning and night.

4. When you look at your vision board, allow yourself to fully feel the emotions as if all of it had come true. To live in a state of gratitude is to live in a state of receivership, which means you are more likely to bring your vision into reality.

5. Notice and say out loud everything you notice during the day that you are grateful for.

Vision Boards are meant to be fun and are extremely helpful for goal setting. Remember to keep your energy and emotions high and enjoy the journey!

The Happy Spots practice is a perfect way to bring your vision into reality.


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