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    What is Mindfulness? 8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health Now


Mindfulness can be anything that helps you stay present and aware of what you are doing. 

This casts a wide net, but it also means everyone has many opportunities to be mindful and enjoy moments in their day to improve their mental well being. The more you are able to incorporate your senses, the easier it is to stay mindful. 

Some easy opportunities to incorporate mindfulness:

Driving: Just drive. Try not to focus on when you will arrive at your destination and getting there as fast as possible, enjoy the ride. Look around and take in the scenery around you. 

Reading a good book: Feel and smell the pages, and your body relaxing on whatever you are sitting on. How does that book make you feel?

Eating: Turn off electronics and pay attention to the flavors, textures, and smells of what you are eating. Put your fork down between bites.

Sitting: Yes, that’s all. If you have a window to look out of, that’s even better. Notice the urge to move and “do” but choose to be still and just be

Bathing: Feel the water on your skin and the steam around you. Smell the soap (a good reason to find a scent you enjoy). Make showering an experience rather than a task. 

Walking: Mindful walking seems to be the latest trend. Open your awareness and focus on what’s around you and how your mind and body feel while walking.

Cooking: Feel the cooking utensil in your hand, take your time chopping, preparing, smelling and tasting your food.

Waiting: While most of us find frustration in waiting, we spend much of our day doing just that. Try to bring yourself back into the present moment and enjoy waiting as a chance to just be.

The Journey IS the destination. Mindfulness is a constant practice so try to go easy on yourself when you switch to auto-pilot, and come back to the moment. What are your favorite ways to be mindful during the day? 

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